A One-of-a-Kind Catholic School


At the center of Lumen Verum Academy, and indeed the center of human life, is Jesus Christ. Lumen Verum seeks to immerse students in the life of Catholic faith and enable them to enter into a living and vibrant relationship with the Son of God. It is only Christ who can fully reveal us to ourselves (Lumen Gentium). Within our approach to Catholic formation, scholars will not only come to know the God who loves them, but, in the light and truth of Christ, be awakened to their own “dignity beyond compare” (JPII) as sons and daughters made in the image and likeness of God.

For this reason, formation of the whole person, body and soul, is foundational to a Lumen Verum Academy education. In imitation of the Lord, we hope it will be said of all our scholars: they have “done all things well” (Mark 7:37).


Our educational philosophy is rooted in the conviction that human beings are made by God in His image, with a desire to seek and know the Truth. As Catholics we believe that this search finds its fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Our educational program is designed to enable students to learn in a manner that honors their God-given desire to become free and joyful members of a community of faithful learners striving for growth in wisdom.

Our rigorous classical curriculum seeks to hand on the best of what human beings have thought, written, and created throughout the ages, and to prepare our scholars to enter the “Great Conversation” of a mature and faithful intellectual life.


Lumen Verum Academy offers a joyful community of support around each and every scholar. Lumen Verum parents and faculty partner to promote a supportive, faith-filled environment for our scholars that fosters true camaraderie and friendship. We seek to create an environment in which faith and learning are joyful endeavors when done in a community of friends who genuinely seek each other’s good.