Our Philosophy

Lumen Verum’s philosophy is rooted in several key principles:

CATHOLIC FAITH. Our primary goal is to nurture and enrich the faith of your child. Lumen Verum means true light — as in the light of Christ. Lumen Verum Academy stands as a beacon of light for the eternal truths of the Catholic Church, and we will help spark the light of faith within your child.

CLASSICAL EDUCATION. Lumen Verum Academy offers a robust and rigorous classical education. Throughout the integrated curriculum – whether in Math, Science, Composition, Literature, History, Latin, or Theology – scholars are challenged to practice intellectual virtue – to be humble and curious, to ask questions, to think critically, to work diligently, and to strive for excellence. Lumen Verum seeks to flame a passion for learning that extends beyond the school-day and throughout life.

TECHNOLOGY. At Lumen Verum Academy, we embrace technology used virtuously. Modern technology provides our scholars and their families with the opportunity to learn from Catholic academics, thinkers, and subject-matter experts across the globe. Through this routine use of technology, and with guidance from parents and faculty, scholars learn how to use technology with prudence and moderation, preparing them for responsible adulthood.

DISTINGUISHED GUEST LECTURES. Our Distinguished Guest Lecture Series brings scholars into contact with some of the foremost Catholic thinkers and academics across the world. Scholars hear directly from experts about a myriad of subjects, including the Bible and Catholic doctrine, world history, art, bioethics, the Church’s teaching on sanctity of life, the dignity of those with disabilities, and more. Scholars also have access to priests, brothers, seminarians, sisters, and missionaries to guide them in their faith and experience of the sacraments.

PERSONAL ATTENTION. At Lumen Verum Academy, we know that each scholar is unique and unrepeatable, with his or her own gifts, strengths, and struggles. Through small classes, we seek to know all scholars – what makes them click, what engages and excites them, how they learn – so that they may flourish and become the man or woman God has made them to be.

LEADERSHIP. A Lumen Verum Academy education prepares scholars to be leaders in whatever life path they choose. Scholars receive regular instruction in writing, public speaking, and the art of persuasion, and they have numerous opportunities to grow in the capacity to work collaboratively with others, converse with peers and adults with maturity and decorum, and demonstrate responsibility through common care of Lumen Verum Academy’s people and physical space.

CITIZENSHIP. Lumen Verum Academy seeks to form virtuous citizens who recognize their duty to nobly serve their country and to seek the common good in whatever vocation to which they are called.

JOYFUL COMMUNITY. Finally, Lumen Verum Academy offers a community of support around each and every scholar. Lumen Verum parents and faculty partner to promote a supportive, faith-filled environment for our scholars that fosters true camaraderie and friendship. We seek to create an environment in which faith and learning are joyful endeavors when done in a community of friends who genuinely seek each other’s good.