Our Philosophy

Aren’t there enough Catholic schools already?

The short answer is no — we don’t have a school like Lumen Verum Academy. In fact, there is no school exactly like Lumen Verum Academy in the entire nation. And we need one.

First, our number one goal is to preserve and enrich the faith of your child. With all the tumult and dramatic cultural changes in the world, parents need a school that stands for the truth. Lumen Verum means true light — as in the light of Christ. It will stand as a beacon of light for the eternal truths of the Catholic Church, and we will help spark the light of faith within your child.

Second, we are proud of our nation. This summer, there were many legitimate protests about civil rights and social justice across the nation. The Church, with its Christ-inspired focus on human dignity, has much to teach about many of the legitimate issues raised. But we don’t agree that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt should be expunged from the textbooks. Nor do we believe that it’s okay for statues of the Blessed Mother to be desecrated or churches to be burned down. We are proud of America and proud of the role of Western culture and the Catholic Church in advancing democracy, human rights, the rights of women, and scientific progress.

Third, we embrace technology used correctly. We will eliminate front-of-the-room lectures that bore students, and use technology to make education come alive using multimedia. Focusing on engaging, robust discussions in the classroom and active learning outside of it, we will educate your child using the best methods the Catholic intellectual tradition and Western culture have to offer.

Fourth, we will give students access to some of the most engaging Catholic speakers and thinkers in the English-speaking world. Students will hear directly from experts about subjects including the Bible, the Church’s teaching on sanctity of life, the dignity of those with disabilities, the life of St. Pope John Paul II, European history and children’s responsibilities as young Catholics, to name just a few. Your child will also have access to priests, brothers, seminarians, sisters and missionaries to guide them in their faith and experience the sacraments.

Fifth, we’re committed to personalizing the education and social experiences of your child. We want to know what makes them click. What engages and excites them. How they learn. Although your child will have access to school buildings throughout the Archdiocese, much of what we teach will be done outside of the classroom, taking advantage of the natural environment and the dizzying array of educational, cultural, scientific, and historical sites we are fortunate to have in our midst. Your children also will have access to remarkable labs and technology.

Sixth, we are committed to preparing your child to be a leader, no matter which path they choose in life. They will receive daily instruction in writing, public speaking, debate, the art of persuasion, the ability to work collaboratively in teams, and leadership skills. They will become young women and men of faith and ability to whom others look up.

Seventh, we will create a community of support around each and every child who attends Lumen Verum. Created in the image and likeness of God, they will experience a supportive, faith-filled environment, the comfort of being surrounded by fellow students who share their faith in God, an absence of bullying or ridicule, and true camaraderie and friendship.

We believe these tenets and strategies will develop our students into moral, faithful, remarkable adults destined to make the world a better place.