Profile of an LVA Graduate

Begin with the end in mind.

An LVA graduate…

loves God:

  • aspires to sainthood.
  • enjoys a personal relationship with Jesus through a rich prayer life and regular participation in the sacraments, most especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  • gives glory to God for their daily joys and sorrows.
  • makes decisions in a humble spirit of receptivity to God’s will, allowing themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • loves and demonstrates devotion to the Catholic Church and all her teachings.
  • wonders at the beauty of God’s creation and at God’s presence in the world experiencing the world as a gift.

loves his neighbor:

  • sees God in everyone they meet, especially the poor, forgotten, endangered, and abused.
  • is a passionate and missionary disciple of Christ, prepared to go out into the world and make disciples.
  • is a light in society, serving and leading others joyfully through their words, actions, and hearts.
  • is a young man or woman of personal virtue, practicing works of mercy and seeking to become a good citizen in this life and the next.

loves learning:

  • finds beauty, truth, and goodness reflected in art, history, literature, mathematics, and science.
  • writes and speaks effectively, thinks critically, and reasons logically.
  • humbly pursues truth through the lens of faith, with appreciation for the wisdom of the Church and the civilizations that came before.
  • strives for greatness with a confidence that stems from trust in God’s providence and a zeal that stems from the desire to do God’s will.