An Exceptional Environment of Faith and Learning

Lumen Verum Academy will provide a unique educational experience that will nurture and enrich your child’s faith, provide an exceptional academic program, and prepare them to be independent learners. 

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the conviction that human beings are made by God in His image, with a desire to seek and know the Truth. As Catholics we believe that this search finds its fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Our educational program is designed to enable students to learn in a manner that honors their God-given desire to become free and joyful members of a community of faithful learners striving for growth in wisdom. 

Co-Principal Karen Celano on Personalized Education

Our rigorous classical curriculum seeks to hand on the best of what human beings have thought, written, and created throughout the ages, and to prepare our scholars to enter the “Great Conversation” of a mature and faithful intellectual life. Our program is designed to promote integration across disciplines, so that scholars can see the ways in which all genuine knowledge reflects the unity of the Truth in the Logos, Jesus Christ. The following provides an overview of what scholars can expect to learn throughout their time in our middle and high school programs.

Distinguished Guest Lecturers

In addition to our standard curriculum, our unique model of education allows us to engage a variety of contemporary Catholic scholars from around the world to interact with our scholars as Distinguished Guest Lecturers. We are delighted to welcome outstanding Catholic intellectuals from all academic disciplines to serve in this capacity who will offer guest lectures, lecture series, book clubs, and discussion groups for our scholars throughout the year.