Saints and Scholars Newsletter June 10, 2022

Updates from our Principals

Update from Co-Principal for Academics, Mrs. Karen Celano

Dear families and friends of Lumen,

Welcome to the last week of school! It is an incredibly busy yet celebratory week for us as our scholars wrap up their classes, prepare their final presentations, essays, and exams, and get ready for the culminating event of our year – the School Play and Awards Ceremony, at which we hope we will see all our families!

In the midst of all this bustle, our Church celebrated Pentecost yesterday, and today we celebrate Whitmonday, or, as Pope Francis declared it, the Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church. At Pentecost we encounter the Apostles, together with Our Lady, who were beset by watchful anxiety in the aftermath of the Ascension. Jesus had promised to send the Spirit, but while I imagine the Apostles trusted in that promise, I also suspect that they were unsure what exactly such a promise meant or how it would be fulfilled. The ten days of waiting – without even knowing that it would only be ten days! – were likely filled with anxious questioning about what their futures would hold.

The fact that Christ waited ten days before sending the Spirit has always been fascinating to me. Knowing that God does nothing that is not for our benefit, I wonder what benefit He could have had in mind by making them wait ten days for the Spirit to come. What good might He have been doing for them, and what might He be trying to teach us through their example? We know that during this time the Apostles prayed (Acts 1:14). Peter – never much one for sitting quietly still – also made sure they took care of the task of selecting an Apostle to fill Judas Iscariot’s place (Acts 1:24-26). As observant Jews, they gathered for the festival of Shavuot (Acts 2:1). In other words, in the midst of anxiety, they continued to fulfill their communal and religious responsibilities – while at the same time waiting patiently and prayerfully.

It is into this moment – this moment prepared by the patient, dutiful, and faithful anticipation of the Apostles – that the Spirit comes. He comes, with Christ, through the doors that they had locked out of fear (John 20:19), and, as the soul’s “sweetest guest,” brings peace to their hearts. Yet this peace is not the peace of relaxation, passivity, and inaction. This peace is accompanied by the “violent wind” (Acts 2:2) that stirs and drives them to action. He brings clarity and purpose, enabling them to see the larger mission and giving them the courage to move forward. His work in their lives does not mark the end of trials and difficulty – indeed, after His coming the Apostles were impelled to put themselves even more at risk. The peace He promises does not mean that we will never suffer anxiety, hardship, or uncertainty again. Rather, it is the peace of knowing, in the midst of our hardships, that, so long as we offer our work to God and put it in the service of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, God’s larger purpose will be fulfilled – for us, in us, and through us.

In the life of a school, the end of the year can be a very busy time. Students, teachers, and families can feel restless and agitated. We can all become hyper-focused on checking tasks off lists and counting down the hours until the end (and at least we, unlike the Apostles, know that there will be an end to our waiting!). In those moments when we feel anxiety rising, I hope and pray that all of us – parent, scholar, and faculty alike – can invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts, ask Him to give us the gift of patience, and pray that He gives us the strength to persevere in the fulfillment of our responsibilities as we wait for the end of the year. And we can pray that He will help us recognize how everything that God allows to happen to us is simply a preparation for enabling us to receive Him more fully and to serve Him more deeply as we grow in our lives as disciples.

May you all have a blessed week filled with the Spirit’s presence and gifts!

Pax et bonum,

Karen Celano

Update from Co-Principal for Faith and Student Life, Mr. Craig Dyke

Greetings in Christ, LVA Families!

With year one of Lumen Verum Academy nearly under our belt, and before we dive into the summer break, let us take a moment of gratitude for the many blessings we have all experienced as members of the Lumen Verum family.

In this inaugural year at LVA, we give thanks to God for the blessings and opportunities to strengthen our students’ faith lives, build solid friendships with peers and teachers, experience wholesome fun as a community, and support each LVA family to joyfully live out their mission as the domestic church.

With our foundation in classical studies, rooted in our strong Catholic Faith, we have journeyed together through a year full of academic rigor, faith enrichment, a plethora of field trips, growth as individuals, and unity as a community.

The LVA endeavor is truly a courageous experience of growth and grace. Thank you to our students and their families for allowing us to partner with you in this worthy pursuit of education and formation as disciples of Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Mr. Dyke


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