Saints and Scholars Newsletter September 9, 2022

Oath of Fidelity - LVA 2022

Updates from our Principal

Update from LVA Principal, Mrs. Karen Celano

Dear families and friends of Lumen,

Welcome to the beginning of a new school year! We hope that the long weekend was a beautiful cap-off to your summer, as bittersweet as such endings can be.

This year has already seen many changes to our school – a new schedule, a new model, and many new faces among our faculty, families, and scholars. With change comes possibility, and what a joy it was to begin our year together last week with the Mass of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit who “makes all things new” (Rev 21:5)! Let us pray as always that we remain open to the work of the Holy Spirit as He continues to move and guide us as a school and community.

The return-to-school season is always a chaotic one, for teachers, students, and parents alike. Schedules are disrupted and rearranged, and everyone is scrambling to make sure everything is in order: uniforms, materials, books, transportation, carpools, lunches. . . It can certainly be overwhelming (or at least it is so for me!). And when I am overwhelmed, it can also be tempting to slip into anxiety and haste, and to feel very far from the quiet, restful contemplation of God that I long for.

Thus it seems very appropriate that last Saturday, September 3, our Church celebrated the feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great. Though his life as Pope in the sixth century was quite unlike the lives of us 21st-century parents and teachers, he too knew what it meant to feel overwhelmed by responsibilities – and to feel unworthy of the task to which God had called him. He longed for the days he had spent in a monastery, where he could “be absorbed in [his] prayers,” and lamented that as Pope “my mind is consumed by so many matters. . . I am forced to consider the affairs of the Church. . . I must weigh the lives and acts of individuals. I am responsible for the concerns of our citizens. I must worry about invasions of barbarians. . . I must become an administrator.” Gregory worried that, “with his mind divided and torn to pieces by so many problems,” he would slip into vice and set a bad example for his people. “In my position,” he wrote, “I must often communicate with worldly men. At times I let my tongue run. . . [and] I often listen patiently too chatter. Because I am too weak, I find myself drawn into idle conversation, and I begin to talk freely about matters which once I would have avoided.”

Yet despite his lack of faith in himself, he never loses his faith in God. Though, he says, “I do not deny my responsibility – I recognize that I am slothful and negligent,” he prays that “perhaps the acknowledgment of my fault will win me pardon from my just judge,” and he has confidence that “the all-powerful Creator and Redeemer of mankind can give me, in spite of my weaknesses, a higher life and effective speech.” Thus he will not give up on his labors: “Because I love Him, I do not spare myself in speaking of Him.”

As we begin this school year, in the midst of all the attendant anxieties and concerns, let us ask for Pope St. Gregory’s intercession, and let us also follow his example, striving for virtue, staying vigilant against vice, entrusting our weakness to the Lord, and always letting our love of God motivate and inspire us in our labors.

May God bless you all this year – and know of our constant prayers for you.

Pax et bonum,

Karen Celano


Oath of Fidelity – 2022

Oath of Fidelity - LVA 2022

To assure parents that the school is in full accord with Church teaching, the faculty of Lumen Verum Academy annually takes the same Oath of Fidelity taken by priests. The Oath is recited in a Catholic church in front of all parents and students.


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